Meet The Team

Most of us now serving the masjid were born and bought up around JIC. We attended the masjid as children and have always had a close affiliation to JIC. 

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We are all grateful to our elder generation who set the base and foundation of this masjid, which has served us for over 40 years. 

Our vision is to progress the masjid to the next stage and to make it vibrant and sustainable. It has served our needs and it is now our duty to think of generations to come and to provide a platform for them to practice and spread the teachings of Islam. 

The platform we set has to be sound, fair, transparent and above all, in accordance with the principles of Islamic teachings. 

In order to achieve the above we started by ensuring our legal framework was safe and secure. 

  • We have successfully completed the legal merger of the two entities, Jamatia Trust and Jamatia Islamic Centre into one; ‘JIC CHARITY’.
  • We have drafted, approved and filed with the Charity Commission the new Constitution setting out the objectives and rules governing JIC. 
  • We have carried out a re-structure of staffing to ensure that we are spending in accordance with our means. 
  • We have cleared the deficit and JIC after many years has started to save money to spend on wider masjid projected. 
  • We have carried some internal renovation work to make the Masjid look modern, beautiful and comforting. 
  • We have done everything possible to ensure JIC is recognised as the leading masjid, which has remained Covid compliant. 
  • We are in the final stages of planning and are now looking to carry out a major extension to serve and provide to future generations.
  • We have released a prayer app for android and IOS devices to go paperless to save the environment

These are just some of the existing projects we have been working on and Insha-Allah with the grace of Allah swt and with your support the masjid will progress further and serve for generations to come.